On the 17th of April, 2015
Megan Marie Stewart & Ryan Wynerd VanDyke
will be eloping at Seattle City Hall

Grand Rapids to Seattle

Our Journey

The story begins in Grand Rapids where Megan and Ryan met and instantly clicked. Sharing a love of the outdoors, food and travel, adventures ensue! The location has changed and the love continues to grow in the Pacific Northwest.


Engagement Photo Shoot

Thanks to Autumn Rudolph Photography for an awesome baking themed engagement shoot! Cookies, coffee, and lots of love in every picture.

Seattle city hall


Having just moved across the country and starting a life together, a small affair was the best choice for us. Thanks again to Autumn Rudolph Photography for spending the afternoon with us! We started off at the Olympic Scuplture park, moved on to the courthouse, then on to Freeway Park and Pike Place Market.


Venice to Budapest Express

The adventure of a lifetime to start a life together. A rail tour of Europe starting in Venice, through the Alps to Bled, Slovenia, then around to Salzburg, Austria, on to Vienna, and ending in Budapest, Hungary. Pictures arriving at the end of May!

Congrats to us!

Megan and Ryan will start their married life together on a dream honeymoon in Europe. Thanks to those that helped make this trip a reality and all the more enjoyable.